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Personally, I beleive they are somehow connected. I just finished Otome, and I don't have time to completely form a theory, but I'll edit this post when I do. Some things that make me beleive they are connected are that Miyu's, I don't know, "loading screen" still says "Searrs For The Golden Millenium." Why, if they had nothing to do with each other? That entire part/area would not have happened. Miyu also says that she is several hundered years old (One of they episodes toward the end.), and mentions that Slaves are becoming more like Childs. Once again, if they were not connected, Childs would have never come up. It also refers to those naturally able to manipulate higher-order matter, which as soon as it says that, zooms in on Mikoto and her HiME symbol. As for the characters, I don't know, Searrs cloning, possibly? The star, I'm not sure of, but I do beleive it definitely could have been created by Searrs. It's hard to really say anything about it, since all we know (At least from the anime,) is that it's there and it's blue (But it does turn red. :X). Also note that everyone can see it. There were a few other things that pointed towards them being connected for me, but I can't remember the specifics of them right now. Also, it could possibly be MH Nagi, who is attempting to seek revenge for OL (Or follow his instructions.), who might have been reborn/remade as the Harmonium? Another thing about Miyu, other than the above things, she is the only one who knows where Fuka Gakuen is. Coincidence?
She also uses her old Multiple Intelligence Yggdrasil Unit up until the last episode. Another thing, is that she says she is returning the power to those who are supposed to have it (Or something along those lines.) and then it shows whatever is on screen switching to the HiME symbol. Anyway, I know I said I was done for now a bit ago, but now I really am. I'll try to update this as soon as I can, when I get the chance to watch Otome, or both, again and write everything down.

I'll also apologize right now to anyone who veiws this post as thread necromancy.
Quoted for truth, point, and necessity. Look at those, and strongly consider them. This post also in reserve for an edit when I get back from hockey.

Edit: Grammar. Actual edit when I get back.

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