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I don't know - then we would have a completely new character. Being a retarded wimp is a core of anime Welkin without it he will not be an anime Welkin and then it would be hard to sympathize with a completely new character that shows up when more than a half of series passed.

Besides I do not think anime Welkin was that bad all 16 episodes through, he started getting worse once shithair Faldio joined.

rpgkiller999, that is also likely and would suit anime Welkin - either Alicia comforting, either Faldio riding a white horse dragging him back. There is NO realistic way anime Welkin could snap and do a marvelous come back by himself, but knowing that script-writers are not following their own show I would guess that the snap is still most likely to happen, even though it would look totally OOC and random.
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