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Originally Posted by Yot-chan View Post
Do you have a link to any interview where he said that?
Well, for starters, it's in every summary on every site that you look up information for Zero. Anime Network and various other sites get their information directly from Japan and not Wikipedia, and even it says it's a prequel. (It also shows it in the anime when they mention that a meteor fell out of the sky, thus connecting it to SDF since the Macross fell to Earth.)

He has also stated it. There is an interview that was in one of these threads (I would skim through but am too busy) that either karice or one of the other Japanese translators on here had done that was an interview about Kawamori saying how Zero was tied to SDF in some ways.

I don't remember the whole interview clearly but, I'll try:
Macross Zero ties to Super Dimensional Fortress Macross (or Do You Remember Love) by bringing the protoculture in. Later when Misa finds the song "Do You Remember Love," it is ultimately tied to those who'd been left behind on Earth years before the Macross landed or departed. The stone found in the sea that Mao holds as a 'treasure' is a connection to these 'protoculture beings.' As a prequel, Macross Zero shows viewers the discovery of the 'protoculture' that later, in Super Dimensional Fortress, became their one way of combating with enemy forces in a calm manner. The 'protoculture' thus means 'song.'

Now, notice for a moment that in that summarized interview (from my memory) every Macross has literally (whether canon or not) been tied to this short OVA series for the "protoculture." If there is one canon thing Macross has always carried, it is "protoculture."

However, it does not tie into SDF. There were no "protoculture beings" on Earth beforehand in SDF. This is where Zero becomes a non-canon universe that ties with DYRL and later Frontier, because in DYRL, Misa finds "Ai Oboete Imasu ka" on the Earth, left behind by those "protoculture beings." Mao had previously given you a hint to this in Zero (had it come out before DYRL) by guarding that ancient relic in the ocean as a treasure. Those are the connections to the "protoculture beings." Therefore, Zero is the prequel to DYRL and not SDF, and therefore Frontier follows that same aspect. And since DYRL is not canon, neither is Zero or Frontier by that.

Like I said, it seems like there are two universes to Macross: one that is canon (direct sequels to the original) and one that isn't (in-direct sequels that continue after each other and not the original).

This shouldn't break into an argument, Yot.
If you watched Zero carefully, they do hint that the Macross had just crashed. If it had been a sequel, don't you think they would've been far more advanced and have better technology, after all, once the Macross had returned to Earth in both universes, they grew and expanded again. But Zero had old-style Valkyries that only flew in the sky (not able to go into space from the specs) and focused more on the fact Earth's population had died down (which was mentioned early on SDF as an explanation to why mankind wanted to leave Earth in the Macross). If it had been a sequel, then it wouldn't have made sense if you look at Frontier. Mao is Sheryl's grandmother. Had it been a sequel to SDF, then it would be unexplainable how Mao became her grandmother. Take age into account and also the fact that Mao had to leave on the Macross to become a researcher and later show up in Frontier. Which is another way it ties to DYRL in "unexplainable events."
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