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Originally Posted by Yot-chan View Post
I'd be very interested to see that interview. Let me know when your busy schedule lightens up so you can find it. Thanks!
They even give it in the FAQ for this series.

Year 2008. A year before the Macross took off from Earth.

Notice that also, DYRL is in 2031; way off from the timeline, thus making it non-canon. And it later ties to Plus in 2040 and finally to Frontier in 2059. So if you look at it, it is possible that Zero (2008) is a prequel to DYRL, which would become a way to explain how the Macross took off from Earth with so many resources that it managed to make it halfway back without a problem. It gave them 23 years to build up defenses on the Macross, thus making it stronger, and it shows in DYRL.

Also, taken from Wikipedia:
Macross Zero is set in 2008 A.D., one year before the events of the original Macross series, depicting the final battles of the U.N. Wars between the U.N. Spacy and the Anti-UN forces, and is also set in the South Pacific, where a gigantic alien spaceship crash landed 9 years earlier. Amidst the violence, a U.N. Spacy F-14KAI pilot named Shin Kudo is attacked by a strange enemy aircraft that can transform itself into a robot. Crash landing on Mayan Island he learns that this remote island and its peaceful native inhabitants hold a great secret linking them to the alien space ship and would become the focus of the war, whether they like it or not. Shin eventually returns to his carrier fleet and joins the Skull Squadron, who also operate brand new transforming fighters, the VF-0 Phoenix. He trains and engages Anti-UN forces operating from a converted ballistic missile submarine as both sides fight to locate and control alien artifacts, with the peaceful and agrarian Mayan caught in the middle of the war.
I'm not trying to say you're wrong, Yot; it could be possible that Kawamori created it as a stand-alone, but every description for the series says "prequel." And because of how the storyline plays out in Zero (the things that happen and whatnot), it becomes tied more to DYRL than SDF, and becomes non-canon by that.
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