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true the high line does not work for us. we would need fast defenders and Terry, Ivanovic and luiz are not that fast. terry's strength is orgenising and cutting off attacking moves. it's worked for us in the past.

as for the new style it would be good if we keep it. some players are finding it amazing, Sturridge has been let loose, mata, Ramires and Romeu. possesion football with swift attacks and fast movements, building from our own half and going forward. it's the future for us.

i don't know what is wrong with Torres. i don't think it entierly about losing his confidence. it's something else. he is fully capeable but, i don't think he is adapting, IMO that's the problem. he doesn't feel at home and insted of being nice to him we need to give some harsh treatment. he is a world class striker and is fully capeable of scoring 30+ goals a season. he needs a little push insted of a hug.

i'm sure we might end up breaking him but, we can't have him go on like this. no one's gonna pay 50mil for him now. we'd be lucky to get 20. and i'd rather Drogba go free than Torres go for a loss of 30+mil.
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