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A Liverpool fan here, but my brother follows Chelsea so it's like my 2nd club. Glad that AVB got through the trouble earlier back at the last round of CL (and steal the first spot too), even when the recent two draws was kinda threw the momentum back a bit through. Torres will turn fine, or get sold. Especially with CAN (Cup of African Nations) coming soon, and Drogba probably will be a way for a while. Romeu probably will step up and turn to be quite a steal also

On Liverpool, kinda annoyed with the whole deal surrounding Suarez, too much football politics that is ruining my on-pitch entertainment. For those who don't follow, the guy is facing an 8-matches ban, for the charge of "using abusive language that refer to racial of an opponent", even when both the Football Association and the supposed victim clearly stated that "he's not a racist". In fact, the guy barely know English, was speaking in Spanish and using the term "negrito" which is much more neutral and commonly used in Uruguay (he's Uruguayan) than the term "negro" in English. He's in fact also a quarter black

So now in one side, we have the English media applauded a great victory toward racism. On another hand, LFC, the Uruguay Football Association through Uruguay Embassy in London showed support to the players. The British media suspect the Uruguayan (or the whole Uruguay country) still backward on dealing with racism, and showing unacceptable racial insensitivity. The Uruguay national newspaper fire back accusing English FA "arrogant", "hypocritical" and "overreacted"

More on the case here, but basically it's a mess. Personally i feels extremely unfair that a guy who is a quarter black, have history on charities to promote anti-racism in football, now being torched by the media to be racist. Just like Terry, captain of the possibly most racial diverse club in the whole league, got questioned on the same charge

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