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Originally Posted by Sackett View Post
Also, Tiger & Bunny has to be brought up. I mean Pepsi obviously must have paid something to get their logo for Pepsi Next on Blue Rose's uniform.
Good point. Also, I can't think of an anime character that in-canon promoted a real life product as much as Blue Rose did for Pepsi.

The closest might be Code Geass' CC and Pizza Hut.

Edit: One thing that surprises me a bit is that you don't seem to have many commercial partnerships between sports anime and the sports they promote. For example, if I ran a company in Japan that specialized in making/selling mahjong tables, I'd probably jump at the chance to promote my product through Saki or Legend of Koizumi or Akagi. Anime merchandise collectors are hardcore, so if you slap a couple Saki stickers/logos/character designs on a mahjong table, some Saki fans might buy it just as merchandise, even if they don't actually use it to play the game.
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