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Alotta Last Exile Questions (spoiler)

1. Why was Maestro able to control exile without Aru?
2. Why does Aru have the power to control exile?
3. So are the guild aliens or something?
4. Wtf happend to Deo when he got put in the chamber. Then why did he go crazy at the end and get himself killed.
5. What is the relationship between Maestro and Deo...other then they are siblings. Why does she seem to turn him into a slave?
6. Why did Deo's friend Luciora turn into dust when he said he was Deo's friend?
7. What is the Exile?
8. What is the it a spell that activates Aru's powers?
9. How did the engineers suddenly appear at the checkpoints when one minute ago they were in the Grand Stream?
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