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I like the way StrikerS is starting to emphasize the support elements of the TSAB, and an advance magical/technological society. From what I understand of the backround, mages (at least significantly powerful ones) are quite a minority in relation to the general populace- people still use airports, vehicles- normal transportation infrastructure, which means that magic isn't applicable for large scale general purposes- i.e. people aren't teleporting around, there aren't any signs of antigravity technology, beyond the hovering "Autospheres" (Fate and Hayate were observing from a perfectly recognizable helicopter). Not to mention the fire-fighters, and the command APC we see... Since Hayate's new unit is supposed to be "Mobile", I reckon that refers to using ground and air transport (one which we glimpse in the OP anim., along with a character that appears to be Chief Maintence/Mechanic) to get to the LZ, along with the capability of transporting/teleporting long distances/off-world to get to incidents, with a chamber like the Arthra has. 8 people make up the primary action squads (Forward Stars- Nanonha, Vita, Subaru, Teeana) /(Forward Lightning- Fate, Signum, Erio, Carol). It still remains to be seen how active the command/support team (Hayate, Rein Zwei, Zafira, Shamal, Acoss, and perhaps a few others) are going to be in the missions. Still, from the glimpses of the Unit HQ building, and the troops standing ready for inspection seen thus far in the manga and anime, there's quite a bit of second line personnel for the unit. Alas, we'll probably have to wait until ep 4 for a real mission (ep 3. will probably end with their first scramble)
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