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Journal Article #1

As recommended by my learned colleagues, I shall be gathering up and publishing all the tech talk that has appeared spontaneously in the other threads and post them here for reference. Here's the first one:

Barrier Jackets: A Review of Henshin and Some Defensive Capabilities

This article should be cited as:

Kha, LoweGear, Darco_emp, Meophist, Nightengale. Barrier Jackets: A Review of Henshin and Some Defensive Capabilities. General Sorcerology. Animesuki Nanoha Forums Supplement. Year 0071 Issue 1233 Pages: 120-141

Abstract by LoweGear:

1. Nanomachines are the base on which Barrier Jackets form, and that the nanites convert magical energy into matter, using the principles of conversion of matter to energy ala E=MC2.
2. With the speed of light being slower in dimensional space, less energy is required to convert said energy to matter, thus making said method plausible.
3. Even if the Barrier Jackets are exposed to AMF, the energy required to convert their matter back to energy would be immense, due to the speed of light constant being immensely large, which means massive amounts of energy would have to be expended to dissipate a barrier jacket. So Barrier Jackets are unaffected by AMF and so we don't see anyone get strip naked of their BJ's when entering AMF, as evidenced in Epi 5.

Full Text

This paper shall summarize the main points of the discussion in the thread, and will use the original authors' words as far as possible.

I've always interpreted the device heshin (or any henshin for the matter) to be a conversion of energy to matter supported by nanomachines, given that magic in Nanohaverse is tech-supported. Upon activation the device scatters the nanites into the space around themselves and start imbibing the mage's maryoku. The speed of light for the dimenisional space where maryoku is derived can be infered to be much less than that of normal energy, since its so readily converted to solid objects in summoning magic, then couple it with the nanites acting as a catalyst for the conversion and so we get the "bits and pieces forming out of the air" look for devices and the "glittering wipedown" look for BJs during henshin.
For something to have a different speed of light constant, it has to originate from another space. In Nanohaverse we have the in-canon demonstration of the existence of interdimensional "space", something I call "Voidspace" cos it is completely devoid of standard matter and therefore lacks time and space in the "normal" sense.

Voidspace is filled instead with quarks and disturbances, and the energy existing in that system takes a different form, and when that happens all the constants we know are all thrown out of whack. Assuming quantum theory holds true in that space, a constant can exist in many states (I noe a constant variable is an oxymoron, but nothing is supposed to makes sense in voidspace) and hence the speed of light would have a variable state.

Now that we noe that, I shall go onto the next point. What the nanites do is to just provide a condition that pegs speed of light at a ridiculously small value for a very short time, allowing them to tap and warp maryoku into matter. At this point the conversion is still reversible, and so the energy-matter mix is seen as a glowing shroud of that person's magic color.

When the nanites shut down that condition in a controlled manner, the ethereal matter ends up trapped in reality as the speed of light constant increases out of reach. Now that it is more stable to remain as matter, the device/BJ 'materializes'.

Why doesn't the summoned systems change back to magic upon exposure? Since its already convert to matter, even if the BJ and device is exposed to the AMF (I see it as a maryoku disruption field that works the same way as the Ion Disruptors protecting the NOD's Temple Prime) in which the supporting nanites would be shut down due to the lack of maryoku, the speed of light constant would be the barrier for conversion back to energy (its smaller, but still noticibly there, for even 1000th of Earth's C, that's still a big number. That's why I feel that the nanite were cataysts of sorts as well). In simpler terms the Device and BJ would require great agitation to disrupt the temporal atomic nucleii and convert the system back to magic, and what's lost would only be the summoned systems' ability to regenerate and regulate maryuko into castable spells.

I am assuming that the Laws of Equivalent Exchange, the Joules Principle and E=mc(2) holds true in the Nanohaverse. You noe how the laws of nature get warped from dimension to dimension.

Darco_emp replies:

From your theory assuming quarks exist in voidspace and if magic does have the dual properites of enengy and matter (based on Physical/magical damage theory), Then even without nanomachines barrier jacket can still form with sub-atomic bonding of quarks, thus even elimating the need for nanomachines since TSAB does not seem have such tech at the moment. Since I was bored I'll even give the math of the energy the drones need to genarate to convert it back to energy. assume it can even do so when the barrier jacket are made of stable atoms.... so assuming barrier jacket weights 200grams from Kha's theorm, E=mc^2+E(t0) AMF need to output -600*10^9J to reverse the effect if AMF have 100% energy efficiency, I should think the energy should be spend on a nuke instead.
The nanomachines provide the stabilizing backbone of control to direct the system instead of it clumping together and forming crystals like expended mana does on its own. And as long as the speed of light is changed to something small, the transformation of energy to matter is easier.

Defensive Capabilities: Impacts

I stand by the wiki definition of how BJ's work, especially on the point of Reactor Purge, in that the jacket literally explodes in the opposite direction of the incoming impact, nullifying the attack. But unlike a tank, a person is very light, and so there would be some feedback (seen in Nanoha being thrown out of the blast). That's where I think the second layer comes into play. It distributes the self-explosion about the whole mage, and itself being a shock-absorber as well, the feedback doesn't hurt as much as the actual thing. It'll still give u a shock, but at least you're alive. This does not apply to normal hits that the BJ can take without resorting to exploding, otherwise a heavy battle would equal a round of strip poker!

Defensive Capabilities: Harsh Environment Survival

All TSAB operatives can function normally in voidspace, the HARSHEST space to be in the multiverse cos its so disorganized that anything ordered is instantly torn apart. Radiation, Absolute Zero temperatures, DNA-scrambling and other Naaru-knows-what destructive forces await the unprotected. That speaks volumes of the protective capabilities of even the lowest BJ. This is where my nanite idea comes into heavy play, where they set up a super-thin self-sustaining environment field protecting the mage from the elements.

It stops pathogens, blocks out radiation, allows underwater operation, keeps skin smooth and shiny, and even prevents scarring - evidence by Fate still having flawless complexion after literally getting whipped.

If someone is exposed to an AMF in voidspace, would he/she died instantly as the nanites shut down? Further canon evidence is needed to verify this theory.


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