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Question: Wouldn't the requirement that energy remain constant demand that any difference in energy between the BJ in extradimensional space and in 'real' space be made up in the process of transferring it between the two?

I stand by the wiki definition of how BJ's work, especially on the point of Reactor Purge, in that the jacket literally explodes in the opposite direction of the incoming impact, nullifying the attack. But unlike a tank, a person is very light, and so there would be some feedback (seen in Nanoha being thrown out of the blast).
Knockback as a result of reactive shielding alone is implausible due to the power of the attacks used. The forces involved in the reactive effect would have to be huge, more than enough to splatter the mage (for one thing, a tank's reactive armor would splatter a person wearing it, and the midrange beam attacks in Nanoha look like they could compare in energy to your average APFSDS round to me), which implies that they're somehow compensated for (multilayered BJ with inner layers absorbing force from reacting outer layers sounds fine to me). Similar to the ridiculous 'tumbling bridge crew' in Star Trek, the only explanation I find acceptable is that whatever system is compensating for the reactive force just happens to be well-tuned enough to bring the force within human tolerances but isn't perfectly-tuned so as to null the force entirely. Which kinda beggars belief itself, but it works for me...
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