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Bah Pellissier you were late to respond to my PM T_T, but thanks for creating the thread rep for you. <3!!!!!

w00t guys, It's that time again, this spoiler picture is apprently, confirmed by Himajin even though its not on 2chan yet. (btw the person that posted it (tymemyst @ MH), spells Himajin's name as "hajminjn" and xi0 corrects him)

Spoiler for Naruto Chapter 364 Spoiler Pic:

Haha! That’s right bitches, he's alive! (Even though I believe Tobi to be alive, I have my doubts on this spoiler pic)

Also, this was posted by the Mod at MH.


I'm assuming when he says Naruto, he means the character Sweets! Also maybe we will see Pein and BH's (Blue Hair's) Colors!

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