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Originally Posted by Hir0 View Post
lol nice spoiler pic, how come it came out so early?
To be honest, I'm surprised as well. However, it does say it was confirmed by Himajin (apprently). . . but the Mod @ MH has a difference of opinion.

Mod @ MH -> "My opinion is this is a fake because of the fake-looking noise and because I haven't seen it posted at 2ch. >xi0"

I would have to agree with the Mod @ MH, the noise does look photoshopped, and every spoiler almost always gets posted on 2ch before anything, not to mention it is really really early, but who knows it could just be a really bad scan, and there is a first for everything.

Also right now they are trying to find out if this is a fake which chapters this picture could have been made from.

Originally Posted by Pellissier View Post
Late? Rigth now it's 1:30 pm and I was having lunch, sorry if I live in Europe

Glad to be of help, anyway
Thanks for un-sticking Chapter 361 discussion thread, Your sig and avatar is so cute <3. Hope you had a good lunch ~


Gomugomu @ MH thinks the top part (Naruto) is from c291 without the bubbles and Theshizzle @ MH thinks the bottom part (Tobi) is from c318 p12 however is not sure.

My opinion, this picture is 99.9% fake. Also, considering xi0's comment on Naruto "Next Week" if its true, and there is no Naruto this week, this picture is definitely fake. (However, Hexa @ NF says there is a chapter this week)

Oh there are also these pictures going around the net,

Spoiler for More spoiler pictures for Naruto Chapter 364:


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