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Originally Posted by Shiek927 View Post
It stinks

See, that's what I was afraid of. I'm not trying to sound like a nit-picking jerk, but honestly, YOMAS are things that don't just pop out of nowhere. Fighting more then one is a big-deal; I know the game designers have to spawn something out for the player to fight, but like I said, Claymore just doesn't have the right material to be made into a game.

What's the point of killing a Yoma in the village if I fight 50 million along the way?
it's just the first game and it's on NDS. Give time to time, one day you'll be playing a 3D game in your pc.

Ryus ideas for the perfect game were quite good.

We should just be happy that it isn't a "beat them up" (how do you write this anyway) game, like Soul Calibur.
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