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Also this phoenix was the most overpowered and weirdest zoan ever.It recovers like a logia and casts offensive projectiles like a logia/paramecia amd he can fly like a regular bird zoan.
Might be wrong, but Marco hasn't launched projectiles to his opponents yet. Rather, he skyrocket himself, got pierced by the rain of light from Kisaru to later kick him hard onto ground (without apparent consequences). So most of his power seems to be "regeneration" based - at least so far.

Which is interesting because I don't think we ever saw Smoker and Ace physically hit themselves (just using medium distance attacks), so this small confrontation might imply that 2 logia-like bodies automatically become "solid" in direct contact (or one can force the other to materialize), otherwise Kisaru wouldn't had the need to block the kick.

Extra comments:

-Luffy's ship should be close enough already to see the havoc. Wonder how many chapters till he appears.

-Would not be surprised if by the time the SH crew reunite, all of them have already learned about the existence of Haki (even if they can't control it yet).

-With Jozu being strong enough to probably take on a good portion of the giants, Oars III vs the Vice-admirals, Marco drawing -probably- with any of the 3 Admirals by separate, and WB still unharmed, it's time for the Shichibukai to break the stalemate.

-Do Flaming for sure is planning to take control of little Oars III and break some havoc on the pirate's side. Good enough to show his level, without revealing his (surely) hidden cards.

-Still wonder what's going to happen to make WB falls - the combination of the Admirals + external force (another Younko), an elaborated trap involving artifacts from Dr. Vegapunk (yet to occur) or something else.

Because the Shichibukai seems to be a mix of traitors + individuals with their own agenda. And I'm not even counting Blackbeard...

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