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Very nice review of the series Archon Wing. Air has always been one of my favorite anime. It captures emotion like few shows do. I agree that some of the early stories and characters are not that strong or relevant, but they had their own charm that I didn't mind at all. Kanna's story was actually my favorite plot point of the series (She is actually my favorite character in the series), and for me, it gave the whole show even more emotion and depth. However like you said it didn't fit into things too smoothly. The story seemed a bit messy and all over the place the first time through for me, but after watching it once I can deal with it and don't mind it at all anymore when I rewatch it.

In ways I think for the plot the Air movie had better structure in the sense that they just focused on the big story of Misuzu, Yukito, and Kanna and not any of the other characters. I still however like the series better, because the delivery is much more well executed.

What else to say besides that the music is fantastic.

Never did give this show a score so might as well now.

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