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Originally Posted by Ashaman View Post
In the first episode of Angel Fall,when it is actually his cousin taking on Misaka's form.
And maybe in a couple of the previews. I can't remember which one's exactly.

Actually, is it his cousin. What was their relation to one another?
Originally Posted by Vanish View Post
Cousin? Wasn't it sister?
In that episode she appeared in Biribiri-form I'm pretty sure she called out "Onii-chan!" to him and didn't he go like "Why is Biribiri taking up an imouto-chara?!" ?
Absolutely! Even there he called her Biri Biri and Otohime (her cousin's name) asked him "why Biri Biri?!"

As I remember it was only one time that he ran up to one of Misaka imoutos and said "Misaka?! Oh, it's the sister!"
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