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Let's see since I finally got around to the first Key/KyoAni series this week I figured I'll post on it.

Animation Quality: 9 despite being an early work of KyoAni the animation is still amazing in this series, very comparable to their other works which have all been excellent in animation.
Voice Actors: 9, I felt all the VAs did well especially Haruko, Kanna, Minagi, and Misuzu they were very emotionally well done.
Script/Storyline: 8 Overall the main storyline was amazing I am really surprised they managed to create such a complex, unique, and deep storyline from an H-type game I mean I honestly have trouble believing that it came from a game. Though flow of the Series still seemed a bit off with how the other two girls arcs were included and done. Also easily one of the best bittersweet endings for a series that I've seen to date.
Music: 10, seriously Key is just amazing at making good BGMs and OP songs for anime or something , and also I'd say it had a better ED theme than all but Angel Beats plus it didn't bring anything jarring with an upbeat ED like Kanon and Clannad AS did.
Emotional Involvement: 7
Spoiler for Breakdown of this Score:

Average = 43/50, so 8.6 I rounded down to 8 here, and up to 9 on MAL .

So while it was the key series I've liked the least, I still loved it as it's within my top 20 for sure.
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