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Originally Posted by zeniselv View Post
well there are 2 issues with that:
1. angels cant touch IB, and an angel used the holy stone to seal lucifer, then if IB is the holyston how the angel used it?

2. if lucifer is sealed inside touma, why wouldnt he used the couple of chances when the rigth arm was cut off to get out?

the second one migth be that the holy stone is touma himself(a gemsonte?), but the first one wouldnt make sense.
1.They probably didn't touch it.
2. I think he did try
Kamijou’s right arm drew out a blood red track through the air. The thin and red line stopped after drawing out a circle, and formed a bizarre artistic beauty.
Fiamma of the Right gently extended his hand.
As if being drawn to it, Kamijou’s right arm is caught in his hands.
Imagine Breaker.
The exceptional Right Hand that can erase all supernatural powers, and cannot be explained by science nor magic.
Fiamma’s lips quirked up in delight.
A light *don*.
Along with a sound like a water balloon popping, the severed right arm splattered apart, blood and flesh and veins and nerves perfectly taken apart and spread out.
“The world’s environment will be adjusted through the ‘Star of Bethlehem’. The Right Hand for its medium has also been severed. The power inside of me[1] cannot use 100% of its strength unless it’s processed through your hand. Though the Imagine Breaker is a holy right hand that has a naturally given purification ability, to me it’s nothing more than a rat that steals food from the granary. But that unnecessary skill has also lost its uses from having to withstand my basic powers… With this my Right Hand is now complete. Then, All I have to do is use my ‘innate power’ in my body, everything will be saved. My hand is originally the one that has the power to save the world. This is probably the existence that’s called ‘La persona superiore a Dio’… but it matters not to me. I have no intent to reach that level or to surpass it.
Just by gathering this power to save the world, I have succeeded.”
Those flesh and blood are devoured by the ‘Third Arm’ reaching out from Fiamma’s right shoulder.
The face that was always calm up to this point was distorted by a hint of unpleasantness.
Though the flesh and blood are perfectly integrated, Imagine Breaker’s power is currently having special effects on Fiamma of the Right, erasing power from his very core.
However, what’s worth mentioning is that Fiamma’s powers haven’t just vanished instantly.
It means the power that sleeps inside of Fiamma is releasing even more and more power to prevent it being erased by Imagine Breaker.
(… Though this cannot be fixed by those small tricks from before, but both fortune and skill stands on my side. In the end, if there isn’t power of this magnitude it would not match the power of the ‘Son of God’.)
Fiamma of the Right’s body shook.
Not just his heart, starting from his ‘Third Arm’ his whole body started to contract. This is the response from the power residing in the centre of his body all substantially moving towards the Third Arm that has gained flesh.
The evidence of that being,
The massive change as if having acquired the arrival of the power that can change the world.
This isn’t inside of Fiamma of the Right’s body.
But on the Star that came to welcome him.
The sky is currently exhibiting it widely.
Red, blue, yellow, green; the artificial darkness of the night was ripped apart suddenly, showing these bright colours that is clearly different to their counterparts on this world. Like old stockings being ripped, giant cracks went in all directions and soundlessly spreading.
And what followed are a golden radiance.
Just like in legends. The world such as that in the paintings of religion. That descending veil of light gave the impression that the sky and the earth have been connected together. For those that are unaware of the theories behind it, they would think angels have descended onto the world. In truth, God and angels doesn’t exist in physically in the skies high above us, but like ultraviolet and infrared rays they exist in planes of existence right next to ours… by their very nature they might not be that different. Because what those golden lights really are is the existence of gigantic ‘Telesma’.
This is not summoning angels.
This is closer to summoning the world that angels exist in.
Fiamma of the Right banged painfully onto the gates. He’s not waiting for this thick door to be opened, but that the place he’s standing in right now is changing appropriately.
Just when a saint of Christianity is hated and forcibly being taken to brothels, that brothel ended up transforming into a shining temple.
When another saint was covered with wounds and then thrown into a cold and filthy dungeon, because of the bright power of the angels the entire area is filled with the essence of spring, healing her wounds.
(The sky has been completely immersed.)
The surroundings of the holy one will be immersed by the truth.
For Fiamma who have ascertained this reality, he pleasantly twisted his mouth.
(Next the underground will be rebuilt, mending all the gears, and setting up the mechanisms for lubricating. This world shall once again correctly work like ‘how it should be’.)
With that, the boy who has lost his right arm is no longer useful.
That meatbag whose purpose of existence is nothing more than an anchor to keep that Right Hand in this world, only has the fate of leaving this stage now.
(I will save this world now. So, you are no longer useful.)
Towards the youth that’s losing a massive amount of blood from his wound, Fiamma of the Right stabbed towards him with the ‘Third Arm’ that now has a distinct body.
“Feel proud, meatbag. Now obediently let me harvest your worth as a human being.”
At this point, everything is complete.
This is completely different to that ugly, unstable and half-assed ‘Third Arm’.
This is also different to the destruction born from the 103,000 grimoires.
This is the power that can save the world.
A legendary power aligned to the Center.
An existence equal to that of ‘La persona superiore a Dio’.
If necessary, it can give off an explosion to make a star vanish into nothingness, and undoubtedly erase the anchor in front of him that has lost its purpose in life.
It would definitely be the case.
In that instant,
What Fiamma felt first isn’t anger, or fear, but a question.
The youth’s body that was supposed to be blown into oblivion didn’t have a single scratch on him.
Not only that,
The giant spiral of light released by Fiamma was slashed in half vertically, and spread towards the left and right side of the boy. Even if this power is one that can erase a burning star into nothingness and the ultimate power that has risen once again from the myths of Christianity.
As though,
as though it was repulsed by an invisible right arm stretching from the boy's shoulder - !!
"Wh, what...?"
Fiamma murmured, still unable to grasp the truth.
Not even he himself could hold back the words that now came flowing out by themselves, swelling up like some many snowballs tumbling down a hilly road.
"Your right arm's already been taken.... so how can you still have this 'power'?!"
There wasn't even a reply.
The boy simply hung his head, his cheeks drenched in his own blood.
On the other side of the wound, where the right arm shouldn't exist,
with a crunching, crackling sound, an invisible power gathered.
Fiamma, moving only his eyes, looked at the thing growing out from his right shoulder.
He is certain that he had taken the boy's right arm. 'Imagine Breaker', the unique power to negate any and all supernatural powers, was still remaining in this arm that had changed flesh and blood.
If so,
then what was this power which was gathering at the enemy before his eyes?
Fiamma felt his crackling lips quickly drying. He had finally obtained the right arm, 'Imagine Breaker'; the mysterious right arm for which he had set the table for with a flourish, the last key which he grasped after everything had been prepared. With the power of Fiamma of the Right, and the 'boy's arm' dissected and restructured as a spirit weapon, the whole world can be saved. Even though he had acquired something so valuable...
It was an underestimation.
His eyes had been clouded.
The threat he now felt from the enormous swirl of power compressed at the shoulder of the boy before him made all that Fiamma possessed pale in comparison.
Fiamma of the Right looked again at the face of the boy.
The hanging face, the expression that he can't see.
He hadn't thought that 'Imagine Breaker' was the only power his body possessed. He hadn't thought that something as simple as 'the power to negate all supernatural powers' was something that he needed to be on guard against, something that would cause his heart to shake. Even now, his skin felt electrified, giving him a false sense of pain. As though watching fireworks being launched very close by, the impacts that echoed in the pits of his stomach approached like a transparent wall.
(...'something' there!!)
The boy, Kamijou Touma, slowly lifted his face.
There was no exaggeration. No sharp movement. It was not an action special or formulaic.
He simply lifted his face.
It was that simple.
Fiamma of the Right realised that the muscles stretching from his nape to his shoulder had become stiff.
It's coming.
He didn't know what 'it' was, but it was something that he needed to be on guard against.
And then,
with a sound like an explosion,
Kamijou Touma crushed the 'invisible something' with his own strength.
Kamijou had stood there, the enormous power collected at his shoulder having been swallowed by an even greater power, like the opening of a giant mouth. Like something was being digested. The air around his shoulder wavered like sugary water.
That much power,
and in a single instant,
it was smashed to pieces.
"...'you', huh..."
A whisper.
Kamijou's lips were moving.
"I don't know who you are or where you from,"
It wasn't a big speech.
Despite that, it pierced into the deepest part of Fiamma's ears. An irrepressible warning came from his heart - even missing the slighest movements of his fingers, his eyes, would have grave consequences for their battle.
"I don't even know what you're trying to do,"
Kamijou wasn't looking at Fiamma of the Right, the strongest of 'God's Right Seat'.
Fiamma didn't even know 'what' he was talking to.
Perhaps it was something only understood by Kamijou Touma himself.
But this is what he declared.
"...You just shut the hell up. I'll take care of this."
There was a damp, slithering sound. As soon as he thought that, a right arm was extending from his shoulder. That enormous power was swallowed and crushed, giving birth to a new part of his body.
(He, threw it away...?)
Fiamma muttered, before realising he couldn't speak the words.
The deepest part of his throat was dry, leaving only the feeling of stiffness.
(He wasted all that power, just to take back the 'Imagine Breaker'...?)
He turned his eye to the boy's right arm that he had acquired.
Even now, Fiamma was dissecting the 'Imagine Breaker', taking it into himself. However, he noticed that the piece of flesh he had acquired was steadily losing its light. There cannot be two of this unique power in the world - what he was watching made him think of this concept, this rule. And the rule was, "the right arm attached to the boy called Kamijou Touma possesses the true power".
It simply cannot be lost.
'Imagine Breaker' itself was not regrettable. In fact, once it had been taken inside his body he had planned on removing that function from the 'arm'. It would simply be an obstruction to the process of infusing it into Fiamma's own power. However, he had hypothesised that, if the 'arm' itself rapidly decayed, the ability of Fiamma's power to act as a containment vessel will itself collapse. That would be troublesome - regarding his objectives, as well.
It was then that Kamijou spoke.
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