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Originally Posted by Coldlight View Post
She is going to need a miracle rush to catch up - except Miracle Rush is Achiga-hen Side-A's opening theme.
Spoiler for MIRACLE RUSH!:
I really like this song, actually. Which is funny because I'm ambivalent towards every other -Saki- song.

Originally Posted by npal View Post
Side-A wasn't even that good >_> Sometimes I wonder what's on the average Japanese otaku's mind...
Well, it was better paced than the original. And it had Kirame. And better music.

Originally Posted by JW1 View Post
I have to say that, since Hisa is one of my favourite Saki characters, it's very disappointing that she has barely topped 40 votes with just two hours to go. She deserves better than that.
Yeah I'm happy she got this far, but it's tragic to see her go like this. Looks like most people had just been voting for her because she's from -Saki- and not because they particularly like her. Not a happy revelation.
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