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Well thank you to all at 2channel world, I am broadcasting from a super-secret and very special location tonight. The official tally-room at SAIMOE 2012 HQ, my annual visit to the engine room that drives the tournament every year. Amid the banks of computers and operators are some scrutineers from the rival camps and from the Japanese electoral office to make sure everything is as per usual and votes tallied properly. Also with us today are representitives from the various media outlets, NHK, BBC and CNN as well as "Aya" and "Hatate" from the Genesokyo press association.

Over inside the Budokan tonight the fans have been entertained by some of Japan's best musicians including for one night only X-Japan and Godiego, playing a medley of Anime's greatest hits. A highlight for me has been the return of Yuki Nagato & Haruhi Suzumiya alonside ENOZ, proving that time improves performance. Speaking of which the drummers of all the bands tonight will gather as we close in on the announcement. As well we have a feature from last night's entertainment alongside me to receive the envelope containing the winner of tonight's contest Miss Azusa Nakano who will do the honours tonight.

An honour also has been received by the KHSMC a second special semifinalist's chair, the only such places that have two are the rebuilt Applefield Orphanage and the only residence in Japan that two are present the Hiiragi home and shrine. A chair has also been delivered to the Achiga Mahjong Club as well, so girls at the appointed time could you make your way there as we get your reactions win or lose.

Well Miss Azusa Nakano would you like to make a few remarks, "Well good luck girls It was wonderful to be back in competition this time round and I had a bit of time to enjoy it and catch up with my fellow finalist Nagi who bears no grudges. Not like last year, the tears were truly shed by all HTT members. Time awaits you in Toki too so you need some truest luck when you go against her."

Now we cross live to the arena, a mass traditional drumming starts to gather pace....

The results have been checked as ok. Azu-nyan take it away....

"The final place in SAIMOE 2012 will be taken by.......

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