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Definitely the jobber episode. Bad guys are extremely bad and mean and scary, check. Forwards and knights can't one-on-one the best the other team has to throw at them, check. But yeah, they basically wrote a scenario where Nanoha and Fate and Hayate wouldn't be in position to do anything useful, and even then it was pretty bloody on both sides.

Doing it this way allows the writers to give the impression that the Numbers are actually a potent fighting force without ever coming out and saying "this one is better than Nanoha"; that way, the viewer can't complain about inconsistency when angry mama bear punches out Numbers like they're made of plywood in later episodes.

But yeah, there's still two big questions. First, who knew about Subaru? We can assume that her dad knew (I wouldn't put "adopt the two orphan cyborg girls" past 'im, though Ginga does look an awful lot like her mom). We can assume that anyone who got a really good scan of either knew, so the weapons tech of the 108th knew, and so (presumably) would Shamal, as the RF6 doctor. From that we can posit that Hayate knew.

Did Nanoha know? If so, we can guess that Subaru was recruited precisely because she looked harmless but was actually a powerful combat cyborg - exactly the sort of "stealth strength" that they were looking for. But this would mean that either Tea has some sort of hidden super thingy (unlikely) or that she was recruited simply because she was already Subaru's partner; the latter would deal another blow to her self-image. "What, I'm just the goldfish poop?"

Also, where does the plot GO from here? Assuming that the whole sub-plot with the ground forces isn't a big head-fake, well, it's a bit early to go burning down the house with them; I predict that they're going to do something with the interservice rivalry they keep talking up, so something like "Hayate's unit getting disbanded, going rogue, jacking the Asura out of the scrap heap, and going after Vivio" isn't out of the question.
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