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Originally Posted by Fruitfly View Post
In the butler corner for episode 18, they announced that Nagi's character CD is outselling Hina's CD. I heard both and I personally like Hina's Power of Love song better than both of Nagi's song. I guess Japan really likes Nagi's VA and loli voices a lot
Isn't the title "Power of Flower" ?

However in the Hina disc, I'm liking more the other song, "Shirokou Gakuin Seitokai Kokoroe", I'm absolutely in love with Shizuka Itou at the moment ^^

I agree that Nagi's songs didn't appeal much to me. To think that at the present time Kugimiya Rie is my favourite seiyuu number 2, while Shizuka Itou is number 4. (for those wondering, my number 1 is Nakahara Mai and number 3 Horie Yui).
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