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Originally Posted by humbug23 View Post
1st one:
Scag: You will become my best accomplishment, Vivio!
Vivio: *Cries like hell*
Scag: Quattro, sorry we're done for today.
Q: Eh?
S: But awww she's don't want to get hated don't you
Q: You lolicon!!
Footnote: 1st day passed without the Saint's birth.

2nd: (Rough TL only)
S: Yo dude(tte)s at RF6!
RF6: Scag?!
S: I'll tell you what the heck's going on and who's behind it. But it won't be for free.
S: Leave the following stuff at locations I will specify.
S: Oi Nove! Stop letting Vivio ride on you while you use your IS!
N: ok..
S: Sein stop giving her sweets just because she likes them already! She'll get tooth decay!
Se: Ehhhhh?!

This one doesn't seem too complete. Its just Uno bringing the Doc breakfast without knowing he's asleep. She seems to see something on his documents, since there's a 'peek' effect on Uno though, that's why I thought it wasn't complete, since she's got to see something. (BTW the sub-title is 'The Melancholy of Uno')
Thanks a lot as usual. I got a good laugh out of that.

Needs to be canon.
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