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Gundam 00 Character Designs

How do you people feel about Gundam 00 character designs?

Personally I'm in love with them.

They're not your typical bishoujo/Bishonen character designs that have been so prevalent in most of anime in the last couple years.

I was really getting bored with character designs that were just so in proportion and perfect like in Gundam Wing, Gundam SEED where all the characters look so similar. Teenagers and Middle-Aged men looking so similar and pretty and the girls too. I like the elongated faces of the characters in Gundam 00 and the hair that totally defies physics and is spiky and curly. I guess I like that the characters have physical attributes that are kind of spiky and pointed and not silky smooth and rounded like in the faces and hair.

All the characters look vary distinct from one another and I also like the fact that pilots have different color visors on their flight helmets.

They look exaggerated and not perfect and symmetrical all of the time.

I think it gives the show a very unique look similar to what Code Geass is doing in terms of character designs.

I think these exaggerated proportions are a step forward in Bandai and Sunrise shows.

What do you guys think?
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