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Originally Posted by Dean_the_Young View Post
I do; I just consider any character of Soma's proportions and worse to be a Loli.

Well, actually, Soma barely qualifies as a loli. Maybe I just thing that the washboard chest isn't normal. Generally, lolis are much shorter and have round faces.
I don't think Soma's chest size is that abnormal, at least from using real Asian female populations as a comparison. The fact that she doesn't act loli helps matters significantly. If Soma had a significant breast size, it would be over-exaggerated visually due to her short hight.

My theory is that, assuming Soma lives pass this first half of the show, she might be given some adult body proportions (and hight!) when the 2nd half airs.

It is all too tempting to put in a time-jump when there is a gap in production. I don't think Sunrise can resist this classic trope.
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