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Originally Posted by lubczyk View Post
Care to give examples?
well, a more extreme example pushing the shape of the character would probably be one piece... but i'm just saying that just to give an idea what i mean... though that would not fit gundam at all
Though i'm having trouble thinking of a more relvent example... preferably sticking to animes... though i'm not to sure off hand... at the moment i'm thinking cowboy beebop as being more relevent though i'm not sure if that's what i'm thinking... haven't watched it in a while... maybe bleach... full metal alchemist might be another one... hard to think about these off hand... though thinking about it, it was probably wrong to use the term "typical anime" since such a thing can not be defined since there are quite a few exceptions to what i was thinking about when i wrote that

i guess one thing i can't help but think is that the characters in gundam 00 still have a similar general body shape to them... those around the same age as eachother seem to share a similar body build, similar muscle, similar hieght, prettyboy looks, similar head shapes (similar, as in not the same, but close to it)... it would be more interesting to see things pushed more... having characters that had a lot more muscle build, or characters that were noticably much taller than others, or noticably shorter... and god forbid a character might be ugly or overweight... a character doesn't need to have a "handsome" design to have an interesting character design... i guess that's what i get from most of the character designs in gundam 00

i don't know... to me... not many of the characters seem to really stand out in my mind... a few do, but not many... though this is all just my opinion really
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