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Originally Posted by Westlo View Post
Macross Plus Inserts (Not counting Information High) > SEED Inserts (Not Counting Meteor, ZIPS the T.M Revolution song from the Special Edition is tight as fuck btw)
To me they were around equal quality. Macross Plus had a few great ones but many of them just sounded like background themery (in that beautiful way), Kanno style. While Seed seemed to want to blast it out as frontrunning songs. Both great for what they were.

As for Moon, I agree it was one of Kanno's stronger song efforts, though I think the general opinion is actually a bit split compared to some of her other works such as Macross Plus or Escaflowne songs (then again, Turn A was largely a love it or a hate it thing with Gundam fans due to its incredible uniqueness. Even the way the OST was composed by Kanno was a bit unconventional in its light tone compared to the more militaristic tone of just about all the other Gundam or Macross show).

As for the whole 'hearing the music with the series', I have to disagree with that personally. I listened to the Turn A tracks way before watching it whole and I thought it stood for itself. Ditto to a lot of Kajiura/Toshihiko stuff (I never even knew what Seed was until after listening to an OST. Then catching it all up).

Of course, I watched Macross Plus and was introduced to the music that way. Just different eras in terms of watching anime and fansubs I guess. Downloading OSTs via torrent was just that much easier and let me be introduced to the music quicker instead of actively searching it out I guess.
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