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I prefer the way that variable fighters are used compared to Gundams, as cool as hand to hand combat is it's not what you would consider somewhat realistic. I mean c'mon as "cool" as episode 22 of 00 was the last scene reminded me of DBZ for a sec with the super speed melee unit zipping all over the place hitting its opponent.
You're missing the point I was trying to make: because how would you know how applicable these types of machines will be in the future? Is there some rule that says all piloted warmachines have to look like conventional 20th century planes? Obviously not. Different universes, different rules. It doesn't matter how realistic it looks to us. It's science fiction. Other than that, I agree with you on the cool factor of the Battroid modes and all. Again, the conventional wisdom doesn't and IMO, shouldn't dictate the actual mecha designs of a show. Let's face it: both Macross and Gundam have far too many fantastical 'sci fi' elements for it to be realistic for our world or anything in the next probable 200-300 years.

Really, it irks me when people put 'realism' as the sticking point for mecha. If it's anything like Gundam/Patlabor/Ghost in the Shell/Macross level, I'm fine with it. We can basically nitpick how unrealistic any single element is forever. To me, that's just plain not fun. I've gone through that discussion at least for a thousand posts in other forums. In the end, I think it's all about selling the action and the cool factor most of all. Does those Macross VFs really need the dozens of reactive warheads to fire all at once? No, but does it matter? No, it looks cool.

Also 4tran is correct about Iijima Mari signing the last phrase, I got a chuckle talking to someone IRL who said it sucked compared to the Iijima Mari version. Me- "Even the last line", Friend "Yep", Me "But Iijima Mari did that line herself" Friend "...."
Sorta hard to tell without a closer analysis though. I wouldn't blame 'em.
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