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Originally Posted by ninja_pintu View Post
Well, I didn't really feel much from Mayuri's death as well because I knew she will be revived anyway. But I won't say her death was wasted because of the very reasons you stated above. Mayuri's death gave a new direction to the show and we saw so much suffering and sacrifices(Kurisu being one of them) to create a miracle.
You seem to think that a sacrifice must remain a sacrifice to "validate" the hardship and struggle.
Look at the other way: the hardship itself -validate- a solution that allows the characters to fix the present situation.
Otherwise, you would end up only on bleak results, and it is basically a circle of "hardship leading to nowhere".
Again, a "happy end" result does not invalidate struggle of that kind, especially for characters suffering a fate of doing the same crap over and over, and still remember of all of their loops.
So what I am really afraid of here is that this show pulling a deus ex machina ending in 2 episodes which will make me feel that episode 22 should have been the last episode of steins; gate. Or maybe I am feeling negative because of one other series which did the same thing with it's ending.
It -cannot- be a deus ex machina, so long it is within the grounds of the information and setup laid by the narrative and so forth.
It would definitely a DEM if we suddenly get pixy fairies and whatnot helping Okabe in his quest. However, tweeking through time travels and loops hardly qualify to DEM at all. Should a happy end occurs, it would be best to see "how" it is occuring.

And once again, Mayuri and Kurisu being alive in the same timeline doesn't nullify Okabe's plight. To the contrary, his efforts justify such end, in contrast with all the crap he went through.
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