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Originally Posted by SaintessHeart View Post
Back on topic, anyone who is against snaggletooth doesn't know how to appreciate the moe trait of of lolicious cuteness. It is like preferring to eat an overripe fruit just because the partially ripe one has tougher skin or is slightly sour.

*runs from pitchfork wielding horde*
Teeth isn't very high up on my checklist... You know, as long as nothing is broken in every sense of the word.

*random attempts to stay barely on-topic*

Originally Posted by Sumeragi View Post
Meh, I don't like that mixture. I rather have butter, bacon, ham, eggs, cheese, chili sauce, fried potatoes/onions/mushroom on my bread for breakfast.
I'm Chinese so I'll try it.

Point is though, it doesn't taste bad at all- quite the opposite in fact. But the problem comes when the mixture starts to look like seagull puke... Or really just any old puke.

Apparently it's not something normal people do, and I didn't know this until twenty years later
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