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And so ends the worst route of the VN and by far the absolute worst part of the anime. Klash has already elaborated quite well on how much the anime staff screwed up on this route. I'm looking forward to Kud's route; whether it is done well or not, reading Animesuki's reactions will be very entertaining.

One thing about Haruka's route that really grated on me in the VN, and was pretty much the same here, was Haruka's life-changing statement: "There are no bad people in this world." Oh, really? What about the extended family members who made your childhood (and your sister's too) a living hell and possibly scarred you psychologically for life? Just because that one sister wasn't quite as much of a bitch as you thought she was (she was still a terrible person, though), doesn't make the world a nice place filled with well-meaning people. I realize that it's important for Haruka to move on with her life and not dwell on the past, and that taking revenge on her family may be overkill, but completely disregarding everything is just jarring.

On another note, it's interesting to see how the post numbers of Little Busters's episode threads have spiked for Haruka's route compared to the previous episodes. Whatever opinion you may have of this route, the insane melodrama certainly makes it entertaining in a way.
I'm very interested in this. How so? Why is she still a terrible person? Her actions are explained. Klash even explained it further what her intentions was so how come she's still a terrible person? What do you think she should have done? It seems that I'm willing to hurt myself and act evil just so that I can protect my important sister seems to be lost along the way to some, even though it was explicitly stated.

Originally Posted by Zankoku12 View Post
When it come to anime original that isn't even in the VN,I'm as much as a anime-only watcher as you're

Anyway,what I want to say is there're plenty of way to intercept Haruka's words rather than just "Oh I'm so happy right now so the world is also full of fluffy stuffs,flowers and rainbows".
This. If you're saying that because you're an anime watcher, you took that literally. So what does the VN player do when they read that on the screen? Took it literally as well? The only difference is the medium. When a character in a book say "The stars have fell done on this day..." do you take it literally or think about it? Now if there's an adaptation and the character said the same thing, are you going to expect to see stars falling down? Of course not!
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