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Klash and Tempester - I'm kind of relieved that you guys have picked apart this episode/arc yourselves, because I was starting to wonder if there was something wrong with me for being the only person on this thread (for the first three or four pages) to have major issues with this episode.

Originally Posted by Tempester View Post

One thing about Haruka's route that really grated on me in the VN, and was pretty much the same here, was Haruka's life-changing statement: "There are no bad people in this world." Oh, really? What about the extended family members who made your childhood (and your sister's too) a living hell and possibly scarred you psychologically for life?
Yeah, I brought that up earlier on this thread myself.

Just to be clear, I'm not saying that "There are no evil people in the world" is entirely without philosophical merit. I also think this idea would work as a reasonably good theme for a certain type of narrative.

... But a narrative in which you have an almost cartoonishly evil family viciously abusing the person who comes to that thematic conclusion? That's pretty self-defeating if you ask me, lol.

Just because that one sister wasn't quite as much of a bitch as you thought she was (she was still a terrible person, though),
It's interesting to see how polarized opinions on Kanata are.

Morally speaking, I think she's somewhat similar to a person who steals a loaf of bread to feed his/her starving family.

On the one hand, what practical choice did she have? Like the bread-stealer, it's either commit a bad deed or risk a family member dying.

But then, there is the principle of the thing. Stealing harms someone, and what Kanata repeatedly did to Haruka clearly harmed her, and I think there was some collateral fallout from it to (in other words, there were innocent victims caught in the crossfire between Kanata and Haruka).

Kanata should feel sorry for hurting her sister, even if it was for a good cause. If Kanata just flippantly went, "Well, of course I was a bitch to you. Otherwise you would have been killed, girl!", I would see her in a more negative light.

But since she was sincerely apologetic about it, I don't think she's a terrible person. I think she's a good person at heart.

On another note, it's interesting to see how the post numbers of Little Busters's episode threads have spiked for Haruka's route compared to the previous episodes. Whatever opinion you may have of this route, the insane melodrama certainly makes it entertaining in a way.
Kanata is a very entertaining character. Haruka is equally entertaining when she's feuding with her sister. It makes for gloriously hammy acting.

Kanata is also more interesting to me than any of the main heroines. Kyousuke is probably the only character in this show that I find more interesting than Kanata, at least at this juncture.

But I will admit that Kanata's emotional breakdown in this episode was a touch more melodramatic than what I'd like.
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