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Ah, what a superb game! Well, didn't played it much as I was really busy and I don't want to play this awesome game when I come home at late hours. I need to be freshed and rested to play this beauty. Anyway, I've only tried it hour or so, with making my character for almost twenty minutes lol.

The conversations that appeared when I just started the game, and the choices that appeared before me, made me drop a tear reminiscing at the same time all those good playing hours with Baldur's Gate. The gameplay is great and the feel is outstanding. Can't wait for weekends to play XD

I only noticed a bit of slowdown on Xbox360 version, in the beginning mostly, but after installing it to hard drive it works ok. Is this, normal?

By the way, I LOVE the main menu music, it fits well with Dragon Age's world.
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