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Ok so I can confirm a few things.

1. Your lead character switches to manual mode. I don't understand why Bioware would do this, they should have at least had an option for this. (He wont follow the tactics list so long as you are in control of him)
2. When setting up Tactics that require an input percentage be aware of the following.
  • "X < X%" this indicates an overall percentage as in "total health < 25%"
  • "X > = X%" this indicates a percentage decrease of health "health decrease > = 25%"
What does this mean you say well; the first is what we are looking for, if your character's TOTAL HEALTH decreases below that of 25% he will use a certain action assigned to that, perhaps a potion or root, whatever you will. The latter means that whenever your character loses 25% or greater of his health he will use a potion. So you lets say your character has a 100 hp, every time he loses 25 points he will use a potion ie. once at 75%, once at 50%, and so forth.

I'm really going to have to need a projectile user now.
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