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Originally Posted by Kaoru Chujo View Post
I just saw a Chinese sub and a couple more things became clear: first, Shinji103 is right and the one Hei thinks he wants to kill is Yin. That came out in his conversation with Madame Oreille, who said: "So you still say you want to kill that doll yourself?" And also when Suou asked Petya/Mao about Yin and was told she was a former friend who now had a "complicated history" with Hei.

But in addition, Hei is upset that Oreille knew everything and didn't tell him, and says he can't trust her and won't work with her again. That's when she says she feels the same since he has too much emotion, and still wants to kill the doll.

Second, the first "extra story" episode, which will be included in DVD2, is going to have a preview stream on the official site on Saturday at 2:25 AM (not sure if that means Friday night or Saturday night, lol; probably Friday). The four special episodes apparently tell the story of what happened between the two series, especially about an attack on Hei and Yin.

By the way, pretty amazing work from the Chinese fansub group Zhuzhu ("Piggy"), getting a sub out about 3.5 hours after the broadcast ended. And it seemed reasonable work, as far as I could check.

EDIT: I just posted in the image thread some of what I think are screencaps from the four new episodes about Hei and Yin. Makes them seen fairly intimate, although Yin still has a doll's distance in her eyes.
Watched the same thing but didn't get around to post it, but the Eng sub's out now.

There's so much Suou and Hei development this episode, though I have no idea where the plot comes from. I can understand about Suou being attached to Hei, but I don't get how Hei suddenly just went from a drunkard back to normal just because he got some information on Yin.

Also, what Yin did at the end was pretty sad, since Hei lost his contractor status (which is now confirmed by that woman in the sub) he can't see observational ghost.

I find myself having conflicted feelings about Suou kicking the telephone pole, I don't want my two favorite female cast fighting each other =(.

I don't know if anyone mentioned it, it seems the anti-contractor weapon uses the contractor's own power against them (Hei with the electricity, and that mother with her water, so it is not because Yin's catalyst is water, but because water is the contracting ability, that the mother died from water). This means the anti-contractor weapon is designed to kill specifically instead of just making them lose their power.

I also find it intriguing if Yin deliberately kill the mother to protect Suou, or if someone's controlling Yin to kill the mother. I somehow don't think Yin will go that far, and if someone was controlling Yin, then it fits well with the Syndicate wanting to kill all the contractors (and made another weapon for that purpose). Like someone else mentioned, I wouldnt' be surprised Section 3's another Syndicate section. However, the mother should've still had her use, I don't know why would the Syndicate kill her off. I'm quite confused with her death now.

Either way, love the episode, probably best one so far (any episode with Yin auto gets + 100 bonus points). Love the insert song too.
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