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Hei x Yin
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Originally Posted by stuopidget View Post
Either way, love the episode, probably best one so far (any episode with Yin auto gets + 100 bonus points). Love the insert song too.
Exactly... xP

Originally Posted by stuopidget View Post
I also find it intriguing if Yin deliberately kill the mother to protect Suou, or if someone's controlling Yin to kill the mother. I somehow don't think Yin will go that far, and if someone was controlling Yin, then it fits well with the Syndicate wanting to kill all the contractors (and made another weapon for that purpose). Like someone else mentioned, I wouldnt' be surprised Section 3's another Syndicate section. However, the mother should've still had her use, I don't know why would the Syndicate kill her off. I'm quite confused with her death now.
I'm pretty sure that Yin killed Norio's mother b/c she wanted to protect Suou... or... Yin could have other reasons to do that... Anyway, I think, that Yin did that, because she WANTED to do that, no one was controlling her, and that's why, she didn't kill Hei in ep 2 (you know, that weapon, I think, it was somehow connected to Yin)...
I mean something happened, when they were trying to kill Hei in that ep -
Hei didn't die, he just have lost his powers, so... maybe... Yin saved him somehow? They couldn't kill him b/c Yin didn't want to do that?
So my point is, that they can't control Yin in 100%
She is anti-contractor weapon, but she have got her own will...

Or something like that... xP

Sorry for my bad English...

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