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Originally Posted by miroku2192 View Post
Wait, if some of you are claiming that Ichigo is just as, if not more, powerful than Aizen, then why can people sense Ichigo's spiritual force? By that logic, everyone else should not be able to sense Ichigo's power either...
Probably because Ichigo isn't in that state of power right now (I'll disregard the comparison with Aizen). In his fight with Ulq. he merely touched that "dimension/state of power" by becoming that form he is afraid of for a short time. In other words, just by tapping in that power (that he couldn't sustain like HogyHax Aizen now does.) Ichigo is aware of that power Aizen is in. Fear the Mullet and all that...
Now, IRC, Ishida, Hime and Ulq. didn't make any comments as to whether they sense anything from Ichigo vs Ulq as they were in a "WTF" state. Although I could be wrong.
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