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Originally Posted by Uchiha Soul View Post
Exactly .. we cant say that Ichigo is as powerful as Aizen just because he sense his spiritual power, i mean its obvious that he is not, not even close. I cant come up with a theory now about why and how he did sense it but im sure its something related to his uniqueness, not because he is strong and dont forget that his entire life was planned by Aizen; im not gonna be surprised if destroying the cleaner to give Ichigo a chance to train was his plan too.

Let's just wait for the next ep, i feel it's gonna be a funny one
I don't think the implication was ever that Ichigo is AS powerful as Aizen. Everyone has only ever talked about his potential, meaning that whatever power limit he does possess he hasn't reached it yet.

That being said, Kubo's point was pretty clear - Ichigo has far surpassed those who previously were way ahead of him in terms of power (his tutors - Urahara, Yoruichi and Isshin).

The fact that he CAN sense Aizen's current power level while the others can't feel it at all (since it is so far beyond their current levels) indicates that if Ichigo isn't at Aizen's level, he's close enough to understand how outmatched they are.

That's why he remains their "only hope" (Unohana's words) of defeating Aizen. He'll get there in time, through some hax power up no doubt
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