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Originally Posted by ronin myael View Post
i thought that ichigo's reaction was realistic. if you were placed in a situation that you think is hopeless, when the people you think stronger than you are defeated, would you still have the courage to fight? i think not.
The problem here is that Bleach is FICTION... so reality doesn't really matters.

But... even that is pointless, because Ichigo is a character with no background, he is a boy who isn't interested in nothing at all... what are Ichigo's motivations in life?, NONE. To the point that even in the manga Kubo wrote about it (i'll save it for later though).

What is Ichigo?
A boy with a secret past, even he doesn't know it.
A boy with certain power and the one and only Getsuga Tenshou.
And that's all.

I'm not talking about how "real" is Ichigo, i'm just talking about how BORING AS HELL he is.

Luckily, Bleach offers more characters and (some) plot that still i like.
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