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Originally Posted by Fran~ View Post
The problem here is that Bleach is FICTION... so reality doesn't really matters.

But... even that is pointless, because Ichigo is a character with no background, he is a boy who isn't interested in nothing at all... what are Ichigo's motivations in life?, NONE. To the point that even in the manga Kubo wrote about it (i'll save it for later though).

What is Ichigo?
A boy with a secret past, even he doesn't know it.
A boy with certain power and the one and only Getsuga Tenshou.
And that's all.

I'm not talking about how "real" is Ichigo, i'm just talking about how BORING AS HELL he is.

Luckily, Bleach offers more characters and (some) plot that still i like.
yes, it is fiction but there are several fictional stories that use reality as basis. so why can't kubo create a "realistic" personality for his character? to you he's boring, but to others he's not. other people actually think he's cool. and if you've watched japanese dramas or read japanese novels you'll see that dark, indifferent and brooding characters like ichigo are quite common.

do you know why most manga/anime characters are 15-year-olds? it's because in japanese culture 15 is a landmark age, it's when kids stop being kids and take the next step into adulthood. at 15 they enter high school and by the time they graduate, most of them find jobs and live on their own. so when you encounter a 15-year-old character in a manga, novel, movie, etc. that might seem too mature for you, remember that the writers don't really think of them as kids anymore even though technically they are. there's symbolism behind it. it's a culture thing. probably why ichigo doesn't act like most normal teenage boys. same reason why zangetsu's material form is an old dude in black with rockstar hair and shades. ichigo's soul looks like that, that's just his personality.

what are ichigo's motivations? his family of course. what drives him is his desire to protect his loved ones. he has always blamed himself for his mother's death and wished that he was strong enough to stop it. really? he doesn't have any interests at all? if i'm not mistaken he's into rock music. he called sado chad because it sounded cool, it reminded him of chad smith, the drummer of red hot chili peppers. that seems like an interest, don't you think? the reason why he only knows getsuga tensho is simply because he never had time to train. he only trained for 10 days under urahara, he achieved bankai in 3 days, learned to harness his inner hollow in about a month, what do you expect? naruto trained longer than that. hell, he had at least 3 years when he trained under jiraiya!

don't get me wrong though, i'm not defending kubo in any way. i think he has turned his manga into pure crap over the years. but i do think that his concept of bleach is interesting at the very least. and he at least created some pretty cool characters, and that includes ichigo. but that's just me. it's just too bad that bleach had to come to this. it had so much potential at the beginning.

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