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Originally Posted by Vexx View Post
Like in many other things, the japanese could benefit from a bit more flexibility and individuality and we in America could benefit from a bit more formality and communitarianism.

Aieeee, woman ... wear .... pants!!!!!! So out of line!!!! Modern wildness!!!
(When I was in high school, a woman wearing pants would be immediately sent home as it was "indecent". My "top 10 of class" future wife got sent home for just that when she wore pants because they were going to be constructing props for a big school function.)

But yeah, I looked at doing teaching in Japan and before even showing up for interview I went and removed most of my hair. Turned out I was "too old" (42 at the time) and there was "no way" I could connect with teenagers or young adults .... o.O
The levels of assholery from the employer must've exceeded the normal human capacity. Jesus Christ.
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