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If someone asked me how this new Hayate ranks up with the other seasons, I'd hesitantly say it's seems pretty good but I enjoyed season 2 a bit more than this. It sorta looks like Hayate, Nagi seems to gotten more stupid & selfish, animation is all over the place with cool backdrops (wtf happened to Nagi's house?) and goofy character designs. No Hinalove, hampster, or god(narrator).

There seems to be a cool story going on, I don't know if they should have gone this route at all. From someone who never read the manga and just watched the anime, it sucks I don't get to see what all the hype A-tan is about. It sucks I don't get my hampster. It sucks I don't get my Hina focused anime series. Instead we get whining Nagi who seems way more annoying than usual. *sigh*

I gave it an 8, probably regret that now and should have voted a 6 instead. Oh well. We'll never get our Ani-suki admin to create another poll where all the choices are 11 in whatever expression of Hina you fancied. That was a great poll for that S1 ep, btw. I loved it.

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