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To Love Ru Pinkness 07 - The Latest in Breast Flow Technology

I'll just assume that was version 1.0 of Lala's bust-swapping invention. She needs to refine it a bit. Make it last at least as long as the gender-swap ray, maybe make it an actual expansion device... the potential such a device has is endless! Anime needs more breast expansion! ...but that was just the first few minutes of the episode.

Lala had less screentime than I was expecting, but contrasting the Yami/Mea and Nana/Momo pairings still made for a nice overarching theme in the episode. And what screentime she did have was used very... effectively. Makes one remember why Lala was originally the poster girl for the series. Perhaps my favorite, non-breast related part of this episode was the flashbacks. The series hasn't given us much of a look at Planet Deviluke, so getting a look at the sisters' younger days was nice. Deviluke looks a lot like Earth, apparently. And hey, Zastin got a brief appearance, too.

Good stuff. The show's got so many characters at this point it can dedicate an episode to each one and still keep the harem plan storyline going along. Which, in a way, it kind of has since the beginning.
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