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Originally Posted by janipani View Post
I think you people are just getting into your own conclusions that serve your own likings rather than the real rank of characters. And I agree with Kona.

Maybe that would be true if I were arguing rank here (which I never was)? All I've been saying is that Smoker jobbed to Vergo so Law can reclaim his heart. It's got nothing at all to do with who's stronger than who (a subject don't really like to debate anyway, FYI).

Originally Posted by Kona View Post
Yeah but Law didn't need physically touch him to get the heart back. If Smoker was stronger he could of knocked him out which he was not capable of pulling off. Killing somebody isn't going to change how you get the heart unless he's gonna attack it. Which he already knew that he had it.

So Smoker didn't knock him out. So what? Whether he could or couldn't isn't the point. It's just that he kept Vergo occupied so Law could get back the heart. Remember how just a few chapters back we saw that Vergo was quick enough to snatch the heart away from Law when he previously tried to reclaim it with his power? THAT'S why a distraction was necessary. I shouldn't have to explain this, but if people are going to keep thinking that this is a question of strength....
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