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Originally Posted by Blackbeard D. Kuma View Post
First of all, you're ranking characters based on fights that had circumstances to them that inhibited certain characters from exhibiting their full strength/potential. That's already faulty logic on your part. And then you're saying that the outcome between Smoker and Vergo would have been the exact same with no substantiation to your claim. Prove what you're saying. But then again, you can't because we haven't seen Sanji and Smoker fight at their best yet.
Sorry to butt in the conversation but to add it might be possible that due to the agreement Smoker made with Law, might be part of the plan. In addition to this, Smoker also needs to recover his heart since Vergo took it away from Law when he imprisoned them along with Luffy, Robin, and Tashigi. Also plot wise, it seems Law had score to settle with Vergo due to their past.
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