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Yet again... I was criticizing these people making assumptions that Smoker lost only because he was saving Laws heart and saying that Smoker would have probably owned Vergo as fast as Law if serious. That is faulty thinking.

And as person who has suggested here that common Anime practice Rock-paper-scissors is making ranking multidimensional , I am not taking your critique very well, since I am quite character neutral anyway.

Sanji has little to none advantage towards Smoker, so it is safe to assume that Vergo can be used as indicator of their strength towards each others.

There is no sense for Smoker to save Law's heart if he would be able to beat Vergo easily. And if we assume that he would have beat Vergo after hard long battle, that would still apply to the strategy but it is far fetched. I want to remind you that Vergo wasn't going to do anything with Laws heart other than weaken Law. Smoker needed Law to join back in fight.

Only reason why you argue about this is that you are actually making your rankings of your likings and you don't fool me in this one.
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