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Originally Posted by Akiyoshi View Post
The Pre-Hayate background was not really necessary to understand their motives, it's a nice complement but not pivotal.
Agreed, this was mostly in reply to Sunder's desire to see the Hucks past.

Originally Posted by Akiyoshi View Post
I was about to agree with you, i wanted to agreed in all honestly. But time between chapters and how the story gets around that is, in fact, important. Some readers can't just stop time in their minds and hearts until next chapter is released, something bad happens and we remain with a bad feeling until next chapter appear or things get resolved, the longer that takes, the deeper those feelings will root.

I spent about 24 hours wanting Vita's head on a plate, i spent over two months thinking roy Mustang was an amoral murderer, and i spent almost TWO years thinking the Huckebein are a group of ruthless a-holes. I recovered really fast from Vita but it takes some time to re-arrange my toughts and feelings towards Colonel Mustang. Only god knows how much time i will need to digest the Huckebein's freudian excuse to accept them as good, misunderstood people.
Until the chapter comes out that explains their background and motivation, and leaves you to stew on that for a month. Though again, the Hucks are not the same as the Wolkies, so the chances of their excuse being as sympathy-invoking is slim. It will most likely be designed to do the same thing we have been doing ourselves: Spark moral debates.

You can't magically force the plot to go faster short of increasing the page count (and there's a whole lot of other problems that come along with that idea) Oh sure, you could trim a few pages here and there, but plot happens at a pace for a reason.

Now, all this has left me very curious on your stance, Aki. What would you have done differently in writing the story?
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