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Originally Posted by Akiyoshi View Post
I was about to agree with you, i wanted to agreed in all honestly. But time between chapters and how the story gets around that is, in fact, important. Some readers can't just stop time in their minds and hearts until next chapter is released, something bad happens and we remain with a bad feeling until next chapter appear or things get resolved, the longer that takes, the deeper those feelings will root.
Ah I see. So that's why it was a bit difficult for you. The benefits of that is that you get to think more about it but the bad thing is that you're causing yourself more stress than necessary. Even after I read a chapter, I still think about it for a very long time but I still try to make sure that I stop the time so that I won't go crazy and let those emotions root because then it won't let me judge the actual events in the story as well as I potentially could.

Perhaps when you finish reading a chapter, go find fanfics or something to let it off your mind and relax a bit?
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