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Originally Posted by Akiyoshi View Post
I'm too scared to read Ch. 7 again, but i will consider it.

Saint Seiya? Really? it's one of the simpliest stories i've readed(and i greatly enjoyed it, Phoenix Ikki one of my childhood heroes but maybe you're refering to lost Canvas i guess). I will take note of your other examples. I've readed many action manga and even if some characters take long time to be fleshed out(like Saten from Needless) there are others fleshing out more quickly that keeps the reader entertained(Eve, The Pretty Girl Squad, Arca Schild, Cruz/Yamada, Disc, etc...).

Maybe it's because it's full of popular characters or the fact Tsuzuki wants to depict mor ethe conflict than the pÓrticipants but all new characters had a very slow developement(Tohma just spent an entire year being a living McGuffin) and the old cast is used as punching bags for the Hucks. The weapons and the Eclipse virus are the only things with constant attention in Force at this point.

I don't know, i think i enjoy certain parts(Tohma scaring the crap out of Fortis and Stella xD) but i can't enjoy the story as a whole, it's impossible to me with the out-of-place prescence of the old cast.
Hehe chapter 7? Love hate that chapter as well. Also made me rage about Cypha. And yes I meant Lost Canvas when I said Saint Seiya.

The way I feel and think Tsuzuki is going for is that he was trying to simply introduce new characters, the problems, the encounters, and then character development. It's a bit different than what you normally see in other series so it does kind of come across as "odd" if that's the right word to describe it as it does also explain how the old cast seems somewhat out of place. He's trying something new (although this type of development... I'm sure I seen in other series but don't remember which one)? Let see how he goes on with the development now that the encounter between Section Six and the Hucks is over.
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